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1st Mini Album "Fate"

2014年2月12日全国発売 2,160円(税込) MHTC-0001

1. Beyond the Rainbow

The theme of this is an exciting drive to the place where you longed to go, Inspired by the legendary funk alto sax player, Maceo Parker.

2. Beautiful Magic

Music is a Beautiful Magic. It helpes me gather my strength onece again when I feel sad and lonely.

3. Fate

This song is dedicated to my father, who passed away all of sudden when I was studying in New York. He would always tell me to have a "dream" and do things that excite me.

4. Under the Sun

Hokkaido, where I was born, is full of beautiful nature. The theme of this tune is the beauty of silver sunshine on a blue lake.

5. After the Rain

After the Rain, the sun will shine and the sky will be blue again. Maybe even a rainbow will appear...



(Alto & Tenor Sax, Flute) Miho Terachi
(Produce, Piano & Rhodes) Keiji Matsumoto
(Bass) Ryosuke Nikamoto
(Drums) Shintaro Imamura
(Guiter) Taichi Minagawa
Special Guest(Bass) Kiichiro Komobuchi on tr.3 




サックス専門誌『The SAX』


ジャズ情報配信サイト『Jazz Page』


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